Sette Piterà


Mixology is “the skill of mixing various drinks, spirits and ingredients to create cocktails”. It is an Art and, as such, requires experience and commitment, and above all, study.

Settimio Piterà – best known as Sette Piterà – internationally renowned mixologist, is the Bar Manager of SENSI.

Extrovert, artist, expert, passionate.

His prime motivation is to make his guests feel that they are at the right place, at the right time, and with the right people.

Besides having worked with well-known bartenders and chefs, he has also designed several creations or, as they are called in mixology jargon, “signature cocktails”, by using different ingredients, combinations and pairings according to the theme or concept of a particular venue or event where he’s been the protagonist.

SENSI affirms a unique style of mixology: our barman Sette Piterà.