Our Menu

We are not only a restaurant

A complete offer, designed to indulge your senses… whenever you want.


 Awakens senses and flavors from morning to evening. Do not miss our culinary proposals.

Cocktail list

Drinks like explosions of taste, almost mystical experiences never experienced.


 Fine wines, to savor, to combine for an experience beyond the senses.

Chef’s Specials

Discover the tasting and à la carte menus created by Chef Luigi Nastri.

The journey

An experience that respects culinary ethics and enhances cultural exchange.

The à la carte menu or one of the tasting menus elaborated by chef Luigi Nastri will transport you to Italy, to traditions that authentically reflect the Italian Mediterranean diet, recognized by UNESCO as a valued element of the heritage of humanity.

Chef Nastri will introduce you to the refinements of Italian culinary microsystems, reinterpreting traditional methods that have constituted the history of Italian cuisine, innovating through technique and creativity while scrupulously respecting culinary origins and prioritizing fresh quality ingredients.

But that’s not all.


A Warm welcome and relaxed atmosphere
Modern interior design by Italian artisans
gorgeous open kitchen
Elegant and essential mise en place
The ideal setting for Luigi Nastri’s cuisine


Dynamic, sparkling, convivial space
Materials and colors meticulously chosen
Finger food paired with each drink
Signature cocktails especially created by our mixologist Sette Piterà

Raw ingredients

An experience that respects culinary ethics and enhances cultural exchange.

We source most of our ingredients from Italian producers who represent the best of Italy. Whether extra-virgin olive oil, pasta, cheeses, preserves, or other ingredients, our pantry is only stocked with products that reflect excellent and healthy artisanal practices, which we treat correctly, with attention and care.

We respect geographical and seasonal limits: anything that cannot be delivered in excellent condition, intact and fresh, we buy from local farms and producers. We’ve found, tasted and fallen for many excellent products grown and produced in America, especially in the region of Charlotte.


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Sunday to Tuesday 09.00 – 24:00 Friday and Sunday 08:00 – 03.00

PH  (980) 224-99-54


9825 Sandy Rock Place
28277 Charlotte, NC



ph (704) 713-9286
PH  (980) 224-99-54

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