SENSI – let all your senses come alive! – is a tribute to Mediterranean Italian cuisine prepared with a delightful and elegant contemporary flair.
At SENSI, you will feel as if you have just voyaged across the ocean and been welcomed into a lovely restaurant in a contemporary Italian city. You are eager and ready to try the real tastes of Italy, the genuine products of our territory and their amazing flavors.

How? Simply come in and sit down at your table!

An overseas voyage that will give you a real taste of Italian lifestyle.

Authentic and with a very contemporary look and feel.


Our Italian cuisine

Gourmet. Classic. Revisited. International.

It’s all about excellent fresh ingredients, the finest locally sourced products and creatively enhanced recipes.
Excellent fresh ingredients and the finest locally sourced products are treated with care and respect, and are presented in delightfully provocative combinations in order to offer you a gastronomic journey that will leave you with beautiful memories and a longing to return to that euphoric experience.
This is Italian cuisine, appreciated and loved all over the world.
Its secret? Simplicity.

the Chef

Luigi Nastri

Michelin – starred chef

Luigi Nastri, our Michelin-starred chef, will lead you through captivating tasting itineraries, characterized by traditional Italian flavors and aromas.

Behind every challenging project there are people who care.
Our chef is the gastronomic soul of Sensi.
Reserved, precise, sublime. An experienced Italian traveler.
These are the aspects that most characterize his identity.
A tireless creator and composer, he is open towards the unfolding world, and at the same time, inextricably linked to his origins.
In the matrix of his unmistakably Italian dishes, Luigi Nastri welcomes other subtleties: Japanese, French and Danish influences.

He will lead you through captivating tasting itineraries, characterized by traditional Italian flavors and aromas. His creative preparation enhances our fresh natural ingredients and culminates in a presentation that you will love.

SENSI affirms a unique style of cuisine: our chef Luigi Nastri.

the Barman

Settimio Piterà – best known as Sette Piterà – internationally renowned mixologist, is the Bar Manager of SENSI.

Extrovert, artist, expert, passionate.
His prime motivation is to make his guests feel that they are at the right place, at the right time, and with the right people.

Mixology is “the skill of mixing various drinks, spirits and ingredients to create cocktails”. It is an Art and, as such, requires experience and commitment, and above all, study.

Besides having worked with well-known bartenders and chefs, he has also designed several creations or, as they are called in mixology jargon, “signature cocktails”, by using different ingredients, combinations and pairings according to the theme or concept of a particular venue or event where he’s been the protagonist.

SENSI affirms a unique style of mixology: our barman Sette Piterà.

Settimio “Sette” Piterà


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